Structural Engineering


You want to redesign your rooms to your own wishes? Maybe remove a annoying wall? Whether the annoying wall may be removed at all or which steps are necessary, we will figure out for you and accompany you. 
Contact us. We will find a solution!


Technical Design

You have the vision we the Know - How!
The earlier the static aspects are considered in a project, the more effective the total planning is, because besides the architectural aspects also the static aspects can be proofed. We support you independently of the materialization and in all phases of the project.
We are there for you. Just contact us. 


Concrete Construction

With in-situ concrete you have a robust, well researched and for the building site very well-known and affordable building material.
We take care of how and where you can use it most efficiently, and
are available to provide planning support. 

Steel Construction

Steel construction represents precision, speed and efficiency. 
Steel is a classic building material, especially for industrial buildings. 
We will be happy to assist you and take care of the structural analysis.


Prefabricated Concrete Engineering

Thanks to the prefabrication in the factory, building with precast concrete elements is very attractive. A precise planning and knowledge of peculiarities is essential for success. We are at your disposal for this purpose. 


3D Laser Measurement

If you have an inventory in 3D and with all details, you can reliably measure in the office what you may have missed during the inspection. We deliver the 3D scans for your project or complete 3D reconstructions. Also interior photographs are possible within shortest time. A basis for your BIM model is thus given without much effort. 

Do you lack inventory plans of your property? We create precise plans of your property using the laser scanning method. 

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